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People Pits and Politics Festival Programme


Thursday 12th July
Let’s Talk About ClassSamuel Osman, Heather Mew, Ian Lavery, John Page, Tracy EtheringtonDurham Student Theatre12pm
Unite Community: Organising with unemployed and precarious workers.Unite Community, John CoanAlington House12pm
Framing Economics…NEON, Ellie Mae O'HaganDurham Town Hall12pm
Eclipse the S*n: alternative tabloid for the northWe Are Our Media, Jessie Jacobs, Andrew WilsonDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery12pm
One Million Climate JobsClive Lewis, Hazel Graham, Andrew Simms, Clara Paillard, Willie BlackDurham Student Theatre2pm
Housing and the HomelessDavid Smith, Julia Heslop, Darryn HookSanctuary 212pm
Persuasive ConversationsBeth Foster OggAlington House2pm
Low Pay No WayTalk Socialism, Owen Espley, Chris WilliamsonDurham Town Hall2pm
Anti-Viral: a how-to guide to online activism.Adam KnightDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery2pm
Make Democracy Matter – Electoral ReformClive Lewis, Mary Southcott, Benj EckfordDurham Student Theatre4pm
Food Poverty CampaignsEmma Lewell Buck, Deborah Finn, Catherine DonovanSanctuary 214pm
The Democracy RoadshowChris Williamson, Hugo Fearnley, Rachel Godfrey WoodAlington House4pm
The Radical Roots of Working Class Community OrganisingJohn PageAlington House Cafe4pm
The Preston Model: Community Wealth BuildingJulian Thompson, Matthew BrownDurham Town Hall4pm
How Does Change Happen? MasterclassOwen Espley, War on WantDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery4pm
Film: The Acting ClassDeirdre O'Neill, Mike WayneShakespeare Hall4pm
The Financial Crash: 10 Years OnPaul Mason, Owen Espley, Sarah-Jayne CliftonDurham Student Theatre6pm
Fighting Hospital Closures – and Winning!Health Campaigns Together, Keith VenablesSanctuary 216pm
Social Strike – a participatory simulation gameKeir Milburn, Nadia IdleAlington House6pm
What’s socialism, then?Jamie Driscoll, Talk Socialism, Clive Lewis, Gerry Byrne, Nick Arnold, Rachel Broadbent, Ross CollinsDurham Town Hall6pm
Women’s Banner GroupWomen's Banner Group, Laura Lee Daly, Lynn GibsonDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery6pm
Film: Just Transition followed by Q&AWillie BlackShakespeare Hall6pm
Songs & StruggleGem Andrews, Joe Solo, Sam SlatcherDurham Student Theatre8pm
Fighting Fascism in the Middle East – Ocalan, The Kurds and Defending the Women’s Revolution.Elif Sarican, Rohash , Simon DubbinsSanctuary 218pm
Comedy NightMark Steel, John Scott, Rowan McCabe, Nicola MantaliosDurham Town Hall8pm
Friday 13th July
Facing the StateChris Howsam, Isobel Tarr, Joe Rollins, Ron HoggDurham Student Theatre10am
Digital Organising In the Real WorldBen Sellers, Liam YoungAlington House10am
Pavement to ParliamentMomentum, Beth Foster OggDurham Town Hall10am
Community Organising MasterclassSotez Chowdhury, India Thorogood, Jo HileyDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery10am
Film: K is for KarlPaul MasonShakespeare Hall10am
A Press Free For BillionairesRed Pepper, Aaron Bastani, Jessie Jacobs, Eleanor Penny, Ruairidh PatonDurham Student Theatre12pm
What is possible with community organising?Sotez Chowdhury, India Thorogood, Jo HileyAlington House12pm
Sustainable Activism: How To Engage Your MembersJamie Driscoll, Talk Socialism, Gerry Byrne, Nick Arnold, Rachel Broadbent, Ross CollinsDurham Town Hall12pm
For The Many – How to Set Up A Study Group MasterclassMike PhippsDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery12pm
Film: Why It’s Kicking Off EverywherePaul MasonShakespeare Hall12pm
What’s Wrong With Donald Trump?Claudia Webbe, Jay O'Neal, Thom BrooksDurham Student Theatre2pm
Coal, Capitalism & ClimateClara Paillard, Dave Douglass, Isobel Tarr, Sarah WoolleySanctuary 212pm
Changing the Criminal Justice SystemMiriam Skinner, Sara Hyde, Marsha Garratt, Michelle RandallAlington House2pm
Political Education Officers NetworkDeborah FinnAlington House Cafe2pm
McStrikeThe Bakers Union, Charlotte AustinDurham Town Hall2pm
How to set up a Co-op MasterclassNigel ToddDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery2pm
Film: Boom Bust Boom, followed by Director’s Q&ABill JonesShakespeare Hall2pm
Royal Mail or People’s Mail: a new kind of nationalisation?Andy McDonald, Andrew TowersDurham Student Theatre4pm
Do Trade Unions Have a Future?Jessie Jacobs, Carl Roper, Liam Young, Hannah Ruddick, Shen BatmazSanctuary 214pm
How to Organise a DemoPeople's Assembly Against AusterityAlington House4pm
Stand Up To Racism North East NetworkStand Up to Racism North EastAlington House Cafe4pm
A Socialist Economy in the 21st CenturyJohn McDonnellDurham Town Hall4pm
How to Organise a Festival MasterclassThe World TransformedDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery4pm
Film: Don’t Be A Sucker & organising against the far right.Billy Bragg, Claudia WebbeShakespeare Hall4pm
A Very British CoupPaul Mason, Hilary Wainwright, Ken LoachDurham Student Theatre6pm
Defence Diversification: The Lucas PlanSam Mason, Phil AsquithSanctuary 216pm
What Is Possible With Direct Action?ACORN, Ellen Moran, Tom ScottAlington House6pm
Sing-a-long-a-socialismNorth East Socialist Singers, Bethany Elen CoyleDurham Town Hall6pm
Job Guarantee and MMT MasterclassMichael LloydDurham Town Hall Burlison Gallery6pm
The Movement for Cultural DemocracyMovement for Cultural Democracy, Nick Mahoney, Stephen PritchardShakespeare Hall6pm
Arise! An evening of poetry & songAndy Willoughby, Bugman , Jane Burn, Joan Johnston, Julie Hogg, Mandy Maxwell, Nev Clay, Paul Summers, Rob Walton Durham Student Theatre8pm
The Real Junk Food ProjectREfUSE, Miriam SkinnerSanctuary 218pm
Protest! Billy BraggBilly Bragg, Richard Grainger, Steve PledgerDurham Town Hall8pm